Web and mobile development

Sometimes, the web functionality you need for your site just isn’t available "off the rack." For those times when you need a custom app or feature, we offer the best web programming services, including mobile development and customized content management systems. The best part of our web development services isn’t our technical expertise, though – our commitment to designing and implementing the tools your business needs to succeed. We want your website to fit your company like a glove, not an oversized box. With web and mobile programming, we can build customized software that helps you reach your bottom-line goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is both an art and a science to search engine optimization. We both weave together, using proven content, linking, and web structure tactics to help our clients gain visibility. The result is an approach that is bound to succeed over time. 90% of Google’s users won’t look past the third page of results. That means you need a long-term strategic approach to SEO that doesn’t just make your website easy to find, but adapts to ever-changing search algorithms. We can help your website achieve a top search position, and just as importantly, keep it.

Brand identity and Design

Building a strong brand starts with the right logo and visual identity, but effective branding is so much more. It’s communicating vision, mission, and culture to those within and without your organization. It’s about engaging your target audience and creating an ongoing relationship with them. At King Musa , we take the time to get to know you, and then translate what we find into a brand identity that is crafted for your organization’s unique personality. The resulting logos, collateral materials, and promotional materials give you the ammunition you need to make a lasting impression on customers, colleagues, and employees.

Social Media Management

Sharing memes and cat videos is fun, but it’s not effective social media marketing strategy. Gaining a following – and turning those contacts and customers – takes an understanding of your market, a plan of action for generating conversions, and a unique persona for your business. Most businesses struggle to combine these elements in a meaningful way. That’s why we developed Socialblast, your personalized, all-in-one solution for social engagement. If you want to start getting social with a purpose, and seeing real-world results, this is the package you’ve been waiting for.

Web Content and Copywriting

Even the most beautiful custom-built website needs the right messaging to turn it into a persuasive lead and sales-generating machine. Luckily, King Musa web design team maintains a network of creative professionals who can help you find your company’s perfect marketing voice. From web pages to blog posts, white papers, and more, we can help you develop web content that improves your credibility and search engine visibility at the same time. And like everything else we do, our copywriting services are geared towards using our creative best to increase sales.

King Musa Custom Web Design

At King Musa , our web design team has a passion for building websites from scratch. Even though working from a template – as many of our competitors do - would be easier and cheaper, it’s not what’s best for you. By starting with a blank slate, we make the most of our creativity and make it possible to give our clients exactly what they need to reach their target audiences. That means you get the aesthetics and features that fit your business, and that your branding image and marketing goals are always being considered.

Wordpress Website Design & Development

Let's face it, Wordpress is the worlds most widely used CMS (Content Management System). We offer complete Wordpress website design and also custom Wordpress development. From simple brochure websites to advanced eCommerce solutions, we can create a simple to use website for your business. At King Musa we have a project management system we use to keep us on the same page. Our online project management system will ensure things get done in a timely fashion and that objectives are met. Our In-House Project Manager will work with you to get the project rolling smoothly.

King Musa Web Hosing

King Musa Offers different types of web hosting packages .For the first time, companies looking to control their data can deploy a fully managed private cloud solution. We will help you eliminate the requirements associated with running a data center, managing your hypervisors, supporting virtualization, provisioning and maintaining virtual servers. With King Musa Cloud Hosting, you have a partner with extensive experience designing, running and supporting VMware and XenServer based environments for organizations of all sizes.