Web designers  Braamfontein

The difference is our balanced approach to functionality, design and usability. We always believe in creating fresh web presence that enables the best environment for your organization to flourish.

  1. Technology and Platform. We apply solid principles specializing on Windows platform .NET development using the latest frameworks, protocols and database technology.
    1. King Musa Solutions: Full range of services from planning to web hosting to effectiveness. Our toolkit includes content managed websites, database enabled web apps, full featured e-commerce, event registration micro-sites or a website dedicated to intranets, associations & member management. More about our services
    2. Expertise and Reputation: 7 years of accumulating a great catalog of projects learning and applying that knowledge along the way.
    3. The Team: Our team is made up of a mix of skills from front-end designers to back-end engineers. The Inorbital team has been helping steer organizations to not only meet their web presence goals and objectives, but exceed them with a hands on in-house approach.
    4. Usability: Through careful planning and testing with your team and ours, the design will focus on the end user goals and the organizational goals by implementing menus with natural language, improved dialogue and the personalization resulting in improved channels of interaction and communication from website to user.
    5. King Musa  Methodology: We use our proven 6 step process to each project which consists of an evolving iterative approach to web development.
    6. contact us on 0722723696 or 011 2622788